All VT Wonen Products

VT Wonen is a brand that originates from the Netherlands and is a home interior and styling brand. The company designs top quality products for all around your home and they boast an impressive kitchen collection. The VT Wonen kitchen range includes all manner of items that will ensure cooking and serving your meals is a wholly pleasant experience. See what this top quality brand has to offer right here in the VT Wonen range.

VT Wonen Crockery

The VT Wonen kitchen collection is made up of a large amount of crockery. VT Wonen crockery is available to purchase in single pieces, as a set of plates or bowls, or as a complete crockery set with everything you need to beautifully set your dining table. The tableware range consists of plates, bowls, mugs, cups, and more in various designs, styles, and sizes. No matter what kind of crockery you are after, you will find it in the VT Wonen range.

VT Wonen Plates

Within the impressive crockery range from VT Wonen, the brand has designed and created a beautiful range of plates. The plates come in various sizes and designs, which means that whether you want to serve a delicious dinner, a refreshing breakfast, or even snacks, cakes, or desserts, you will find the perfect plates right here. VT Wonen plates are available in different series, which you can mix and match with other bowls, mugs, and more.

VT Wonen Cutlery

Once you've served up your delicious meal, it's time to eat! For this purpose, VT Wonen has also developed a collection of cutlery. The cutlery in the VT Wonen range has a very stylish appearance, is very comfortable to hold, and can easily be mixed and matched with various styles of table settings. You can opt to purchase VT Wonen cutlery as individual sets of forks, knives, or spoons, or you can choose to go for the complete set.

VT Wonen Mugs

Whether you prefer a refreshing cup of coffee or a bracing cup of tea, you need a great set of mugs and cups. You can also rely on VT Wonen for this! VT Wonen mugs and cups are created with beautiful designs and are available in various sizes, so no matter your preferences, you are sure to find the perfect VT mugs and coffee cups in our assortment. VT Wonen cups are made using strong porcelain, so you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

VT Wonen Serveware

To help you serve up your delicious meals, such as during a dinner party, Sunday roast, or any other dish, VT Wonen has created a selection of serving platters, serving planks, serving dishes, and trays. These serving dishes are made using strong materials and have a beautiful appearance that will instantly brighten up your dining table. Choose from warm, cosy acacia wood planks or strong, classic porcelain dishes to complete your serveware.