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In our assortment here at Cookwarestore, we offer a wide range of handy utensils and kitchen aids from the quality brand Inno Cuisinno. Inno Cuisinno is a top quality brand that uses innovative designs to create solutions to everyday problems in the kitchen. The result is an excellent selection of kitchen utensils and accessories that will help you to make the most out of your time in the kitchen. For example, the brand has designed a number of handy chopping boards, aprons, and other handy items.

Inno Cuisinno Utensils

Inno Cuisinno is known for its professional chopping boards and pestle and mortar sets for the catering industry, which are now available also for consumers. Inno Cuisinno's pestle and mortar sets are made of the highest quality granite and will therefore last for years. The chopping boards are sturdy and suitable for intensive, daily use. The Inno Cuisino cutting boards are available in different sizes and colours.