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To Go Containers

To Go Containers

Always up for a cup of tea of coffee? With these handy to go cups and flasks, you can enjoy your favourite warm drink, wherever you are. In our range of to go containers you will find drinking cups, travel mugs , thermal flasks, and thermal bottles. All of these handy beverage and food containers are available in all kinds of different sizes and colours that are suitable for travelling, commuting, or simply taking lunch to work. If you want to take a warm drink or a warm meal with you, that's no longer a problem with the top notch range of on the go containers here at Cookwarestore!


If you want to take a warm cup of coffee with you when you're going out, or want to take a warm bowl of soup or stew with you for lunch, then you need a great thermal flask. All of the flasks and thermoses in our collection ensure that you can take your favourite hot drinks and meals with you on the go! With flasks and thermal bottles frmo top-notch brands such as Stelton, Eva Solo, BergHOFF or Aladdin, you are assured durability and long-lasting quality.

Food Container

Whether you want to take your morning yoghurt and muesli with you, a simple snack, or a complete lunch, what you need is a great set of food containers. We here at Cookwarestore offer a wide range of containers that are perfect for taking all kinds of food with your on the go. These containers are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect storage container for your meals in our collection. View the full range to find the perfect food containers for your meals.

Travel Mug

Whether you prefer tea or coffee, there's nothing quite like a warm beverage to help you get ready for your day. If you don't have the time to enjoy a lovely, hot cup of tea or coffee at home in the mornings, or if you're planning a hike on a colder day, then why not choose a travel mug from our range here at Cookwarestore. Our range of coffee flasks, thermal bottles, and much more ensure that you never need be without a warm drink, whether on the way to school, work, or other day to day activities.

Water Bottle

An everyday essential that no one should be without is a good water bottle. Having a reusable water bottle at your disposal means that you no longer have to rely on single use plastics. The water bottles in our range are free from harmful substances and offer a wide range of handy features, such as a handly carrying loop and being leak-proof. Take a look at the full range of water bottles and drinks bottles in our collection here at Cookwarestore to find your favourite.