All Le Creuset Products

The Le Creuset brand is the result of a unique collaboration more than 80 years ago. In 1925, an iron farmer and an enamel specialist decided to set up a factory together. The products are created with great attention to detail and have a timeless appearance. The materials ensure an even distribution of heat and can be used on different heat sources. For the highest quality, choose Le Creuset. Be sure to also check out our Le Creuset Sale.

Le Creuset Pans

Le Creuset is known for its beautiful cast iron pans. Since 2014, the brand's assortment has increased considerably. In addition to the traditional orange, Le Creuset has chosen to add other beautiful colours to the range. In addition to cast iron pans, Le Creuset has a wide range of frying, cooking, roasting, and wok pans, even tajines. Choose from our Le Creuset assortment to complete your pots and pan collection with high quality products.

Le Creuset Casserole

Le Creuset has achieved worldwide fame with its beautiful cast iron casserole. A pan that you buy for life, if not inherited from family. The enamelled cast iron makes it possible to prepare the most beautiful dishes. The casseroles are suitable for all kinds of meals and are available in different sizes, so there's always the perfect casserole for whatever culinary feat you are planning. Invest in a Le Creuset casserole and reap the benefits!

Le Creuset Oven Dish

A delicious meal is often prepared using the oven and it is important to use the right sort of dish to ensure the best result. By choosing an enamelled earthenware oven dish, you will find that your meals are even more tasty. Due to the extremely smooth structure of the Le Creuset oven dishes and the choice of materials, heat is evenly distributed. Le Creuset has a wide range of oven dishes and baking trays in various colours and sizes.

Le Creuset Salt & Pepper

Le Creuset salt and pepper have the same appearance as the casseroles. They are very beautiful and authentic in appearance and are available in matching colours. This allows you to create a unique yet harmonious appearance on your dining table. In addition, the mills are corrosion-resistant and do not rust, which means they will last for an extremely long time. Finally, you can also set the grinding degree for perfect seasoning control.

Le Creuset Kettle

Le Creuset stove top kettles are both functional and very eye-catching. Le Creuset's beautiful selection of whistling kettles brings back the cosy, sentimental atmosphere of making a lovely cup of tea. Thanks to their classic, beautiful designs, they will make a stylish addition to your kitchen, so much so that you'll won't want to pack it away! For a stylish kettle of high quality, Le Creuset is the choice for you.