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VT Wonen Cutlery

VT Wonen always designs its cutlery by looking at the latest trends in home design. This gives the VT Wonen cutlery a beautiful design, giving every meal the appearance of a special occasion. The cutlery is made of stainless steel, which extends the lifespan. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful VT Wonen cutlery for a very long time. After you've finished eating, the cutlery is easy to clean in the dishwasher, or you can wash it by hand. The knives, spoons, and forks are also easy to combine with each other and come in six-piece sets.

VT Wonen Black Cutlery

In developing its matte black cutlery, VT Wonen has managed to perfectly combine vintage and modern styles. This combination has resulted in very nice cutlery range, which adds something extra to every meal. The cutlery is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean in the dishwasher after use. However, you can also wash the cutlery yourself using soapy water. The black VT Wonen cutlery consists of knives, forks, and spoons that come in 6-piece sets.