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Dining Table Accessories

Dining Table Accessories

On every elegantly set dining table or kitchen table, you will find various accessories, such as wine tools and accessories, coasters, serving planks, or a bread basket. Here at Cookwarestore, you will find all of these high-quality dining table accessories and many more, all from top notch dinnerware brands, such as Blomus, Dutchdeluxes, Eva Solo, Georg Jensen, Joseph Joseph, and so many more. Our extensive table accessories range ensures that matching accessories are available for every type of table setting. View our selection below to find the perfect accessories to create harmony and elegance in your kitchen or dining room.

Dining Table Decor

The dining table decor and accessories in our collection will make your set table even more attractive and stylish! In addition to attractive and stylish, the products in this range are also very practical and of very high quality, so you will be able to enjoy using them for years. Choose from coasters, trivets, bread boards, decanters, carafes, and so many more useful yet stylish accessories to complete your tableware.


Every delicious dinner needs a drink to wash it down with. To stylishly serve different beverages during dinner, we have collated a beautiful range of carafes and water jugs for your dining table. This ensures that you don't have to keep running back and forth to the fridge or sink to get drinks for you and your guests. The carafes in our collection have stylish, practical designs that will make a beautiful addition to any dining table.


If you're preparing a delicious roast dinner or another meal that will be served at the dining table, then you will need a great set of trivets. Trivets not only contribute to the stylish, elegant appearance of a dining table, but they also prevent any damage to the table from hot pans. This way you can keep your dining table looking as good as new for as long as possible. View our full range of trivets and coasters via the link above.

Serving Platter

One way to create a very stylish appearance on your dining table is to serve your meals and culinary delights on beautiful serving platters. Serving platters come in handy whether you're cooking up an extensive three course meal or whether you're simply serving tapas and snacks or antipasti. A serving platter is a versatile tool to have in your home and will certainly add an air of sophistication to any type of table setting.

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