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Coffee Filters

If you prefer filter coffee, then this is the collection for you. On the page below you will find all of the reusable coffee filters available in our assortment here at Cookwarestore. These filters are very easy to use; simply add the filter paper, pour in the desired amount of ground coffee, and pour hot water over it. The coffee then collects into a mug or jug placed beneath the filter. This classic method of hand brewing coffee ensures a great result and is entirely adjustable, so you can always use as little or as much coffee as you'd like. View the range of coffee filters on the page below to find the ideal model for you.

Pour Over Coffee Filter

If you prefer the tastes and aroma of pour over coffee, then the collection of coffee filters on the page above is absolutely for you. These coffee filters allow you to easily create pour over coffee in an instant. This classic method of brewing coffee really helps to bring out the flavours and aromas, ensuring that you can really enjoy your morning cup of coffee to the fullest. As the water really infuses the coffee as it filters through, the result is a richer, stronger tasting coffee - ideal for coffee lovers everywhere!