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Chef Knife

A chef's knife, despite its name, is one of the most important tools in both a professional and home kitchen. Chef's knives are very versatile in their different uses, but are best suited for cutting or chopping vegetables and herbs, as well as more general meat cutting. A chef's knife tends to be longer than other types of knifes, such as utility knives, so you will easily and comfortably be able to complete a range of different chopping tasks in no time. View the excellent range of chef's knives that we have to offer on the page below.

Chef Knife Set

A chef's knife is one of the most important tools in both professional kitchens as well as your home. These knives have a shape that is ideal for several tasks. Chef's knives are sturdy and very sharp, making them good for most cutting tasks, but not for more precise peeling or cutting. We here at Cookwarestore have a very wide range of chef's knives available for you. However, it does not stop there, as we also have the Japanese version of a chef's knife in our range. This is called a Santoku knife and will offer you even more possibilities in the kitchen! View our Santoku knife range via the menu above.