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Santoku Knife

A Santoku knife, while perhaps less well-known than other types of kitchen knives, should certainly not be overlooked. A Santoku is a special type of chef's knife that comes from Japan. Santoku knives are known for their high levels of durability and corrosion-resistance. The Japanese production techniques used for Santoku knives, in combination with the forging art of Samurai, ensures that these knives are incredibly sharp, very hard, and therefore suitable for tackling all kinds of cutting tasks. Santoku knives can be used for chopping joints of meat, cutting vegetables, slicing herbs, and so much more. For top quality, opt for a Santoku knife.

Japanese Chef Knives

Santoku knives, often called Japanese chef knives, mainly differ in the sharpness and thickness of the European knives. A Japanese knife is usually sharpened at an angle of 15 degrees, making them sharper than European knives, which are mainly sharpened at 20 degrees. A Santoku knife is therefore more fragile than a European knife. The word Santokue means "three virtues" which refers to the three tasks for which the knife can be used, which refers to the three tasks that a Santoku knife is perfect for: slicing, dicing, and fine chopping.