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Established in 1856 by master goldsmith Giuseppe Sambonet, the Sambonet brand has a rich history of serving noble families, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. Over the years, Sambonet has expanded its product range beyond exquisite cutlery to include a variety of items that enhance your culinary and dining experience. Defined by top-quality materials, innovative designs, attention to detail, and undeniable style, Sambonet products are a true asset to your kitchen. With over 150 years of experience, Sambonet brings style and quality to your table, encapsulating the elegant Italian ambiance in their classic designs. Their passion for cooking and keen eye for detail not only simplifies your cooking experience but also effortlessly beautifies your table setting. The perfect blend of style, quality, and sustainable practices makes Sambonet products a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Sambonet cutlery

Today, Sambonet offers a wide range of products that enhance your cooking and dining experience. Sambonet cutlery, the brand's original product line, is renowned for its unique appearance and authentic Italian craftsmanship. With Sambonet, you bring quality and style to your home, making your table look breathtaking every time. From stainless steel to silver-plated cutlery, and from classic styles to unique designs and colors, you can find it all in Sambonet's cutlery collection.