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A fine cutlery set is of course a must-have for an elegantly set table. That is why We here at Cookwarestore have selected a wonderful range of cutlery especially for you, which is guaranteed to give your kitchen or dining room a stunning appearance. At Cookwarestore, you can choose between various cutlery sets or simply from separate items of cutlery. The cutlery from our range comes from the collections of quality brands such as Georg Jensen, Blomus, BK, Fissler, Sola, WMF, Bitz, and many more. Take a look below at our complete cutlery and cutlery set collection.

Cutlery Set

Are you looking for new cutlery for your dining room or kitchen? Then look no further because at Cookwarestore, you will find cutlery in all designs, shapes, and sizes. With such a broad choice, there is guaranteed to be something that suits your tastes. To ensure harmony and elegance on your dining table, we recommend opting for a high quality cutlery set, so all place settings are the same. We also have suitable children's cutlery for the little ones. Choose from various quality brands and use the filters on the left side of the screen to make searching for your ideal cutlery set even easier.


Here at Cookwarestore you will find a wide array of spoons. Spoons are a vital component of any cutlery set, which is why you need to make sure you have the perfect ones. Whether you're looking for tablespoons, teaspoons, or dessert spoons, you can rely on us here at Cookwarestore. In our assortment you will find spoons from top brands in the cutlery market, ensuring that they are all very stylishly designed and will also last for years. Take a look at the full collection via the link above to find single spoons. We of course also offer a great range of spoon and cutlery sets if you are looking for a matching collection.


Any good cutlery set needs a variety of knives. That's why we here at Cookwarestore have included a great selection of different knives, which means that you will always have the perfect knife for any meal to hand. The knives in our assortment have been designed by some of the best brands on the market, such as Bitz, BK, Georg Jensen, and many more. These top quality brands use only the best materials to ensure that your knives last as long as possible, retain their shine for as long as possible, and, most importantly, can chop through anything! Take a look via the link above. For kitchen knives and other utensils, take a look at our separate knife collection via the menu.


To complete your cutlery set, a stylish set of forks is what you need. The forks in our assortment come from the same top quality brands as the knives and spoons, which means that you can create a beautiful matching set of cutlery from the same series. We offer top quality forks from brands such as BK, Georg Jensen, and Blomus. These brands are well-known in the dinnerware market, and for good reason. Cutlery from these brands looks beautiful and will last for a long time, ensuring that you can enjoy using it for years to come. Create your ideal table setting with the beautiful range of knives, forks, and spoons in our assortment here at Cookwarestore.

Cutlery Set

Alongside our collection of individual knives, forks, and spoons, you can also opt for a stunning cutlery set. These sets consist of all matching items of cutlery, which ensures that you can always create a beautifully set table. Having matching cutlery will certainly bring an air of sophistication to your dinner parties. Here at Cookwarestore you will find beautiful cutlery sets from top brands, like Sola, WMF, BK, and so many more. These cutlery sets are available in a wide range of different sizes and in different combinations, so no matter which kinds of knives and forks you might be after, you will find the perfect set for you right here! As well as a stunning collection of adult cutlery sets, you will also find a great range of children's cutlery sets here at Cookwarestore. These are from the same quality brands as the rest of the cutlery range, but have fun designs that will make every meal playtime! Take a look at the full range to see what we here at Cookwarestore can offer you.

Salad Servers

As well as boasting a very wide range of cutlery with which you can eat your delicious meals, we also offer a great selection of salad servers here at Cookwarestore. The salad servers in our collection come from the same top quality brands as the rest of our assortment, so you are sure to find the perfect servers to match the rest of your cutlery collection. In our range, you will find salad servers made of wood, steel, and other materials. You will also find various styles and designs, so no matter what kind of style you are trying to emulate on your dining room table, you are sure to find the perfect salad server set right here at Cookwarestore! Take a look at our complete collection and choose your favourites.