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Wine Rack

For anyone who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time, a wine rack is a wonderful addition to the household. The wine racks here at Cookwarestore serve you in different ways. On the one hand, it is a practical way to store your bottles of wine and have easy access to them. On the other hand, the wine racks in our assortment offer you the chance to make a unique, stylish addition to your kitchen or dining room. Practical art; an ideal combination with wine. Because of the high quality that the racks in our range offer, you can be sure that you will be choosing a long-lasting, practical yet stylish accessory for your home.

Wine Bottle Holder

Both for the wines that are best at room temperature and for the wines that do not fit in your refrigerator if it's full, then a wine bottle holder or wine rack for these bottles is the solution. A wine bottle holder offers a practical solution for your wine storage problems. Not only that, the bottle holders in our assortment have beautiful designs, ensuring that your wine rack will add to the stylish appearance of your kitchen and will never be an eyesore.