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With an Artola in your backyard, every cool summer evening and cozy winter night becomes warm and inviting. Artola's barbecues and fire pits not only provide warmth, but also create a convivial atmosphere. Fire has a way of bringing people together, a concept that Artola understands and embraces. Invite your friends and family over for a party and enjoy grilling on the barbecue. With the right accessories, you can even try your hand at wok cooking. After dinner, gather around the fire pit for some quality time. Artola's BBQs and fire pits are designed with the idea of bringing people together around a source of warmth. They deliver warmth, delicious meals, and a cozy ambiance. Moreover, Artola's BBQs and fire pits can also be expanded with various accessories to cater to all your warmth needs.

Artola FiQ

The Artola FiQ barbecue not only promises a delightful evening filled with delicious grilled food, but it also doubles as a stylish fire pit, providing a heat source to gather around even after the meal. The FiQ creates a personal outdoor living space, ideal for a cool summer or cozy winter evening, or for a fun event in your own backyard. The FiQ barbecue features a height-adjustable interface grill that is interchangeable with other grills or wok holders. The AirQontrol air intake ensures heat regulation and less smoke. Moreover, the FiQ is also easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor events.