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On this page you can find all our different types of skimmers. Because a skimmer has a large scoop with perforated holes, it is an ideal product to scoop up your food and serve it. Traditionally, a slotted spoon serves as an instrument with which you can remove the floating foam from cooking dishes during preparation. This foam is often skimmed because it can negatively affect the taste of the food. However, skimmers can also be just as easily used for draining food and serving it directly from your pan. Have a look below at our excellent range of skimmers.

Slotted Spoon

A slotted spoon, or skimmer, is traditionally used to scoop the foam from your pan while you are cooking, such as when cooking rice, pasta, or vegetables, as this foam can detract from the taste. To make this easy, a slotted spoon has holes, keeping moisture in the pan and skimming away any foam. Alternatively, a slotted spoon can also be used for draining dishes straight out of the pan.