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Barbecue Fuel

Once you have chosen your brand new barbecue, you need to light it! To this end, we here at Cookwarestore have also included a range of items in our assortment that will help you to light your barbecue. On the page below, for example, you will find lighting fuel, charcoal, and even smoke pellets, which help you to achieve the tastiest results on your barbecue. Getting started with a charcoal barbecue can be a little tricky, so ensuring that you have the best tools to hand ensures a smoother and stress-free barbecuing experience. View the range of barbecue fuel on the page below.

BBQ Fuel

Lighter fuel, or BBQ fuel, is used to light the charcoal for your barbecue in a simple way. This BBQ fuel is odourless and does not have a taste, so you don't have to worry about lighter fuels affecting the taste or aroma of your delicious barbecued dishes. With the help of an odour-less BBQ fuel, messing around with lighting your charcoal barbecue is a problem of the past! Opt for lighter fluid with your charcoal to achieve hassle-free results.