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Within our assortment here at Cookwarestore, you will find a great range of colanders from top notch cookware brands on the market. A colander tends to have larger holes in the bowl than a traditional sieve, which makes them ideal for draining larger foods, such as pasta, rice, or even tinned goods. Colanders are also ideal for cleaning ingredients, for example if you've picked up a delicious range of fresh fruit and veg. Opt for a high quality colander from our range of excellent brands here at Cookwarestore to get the best quality!


If you're a fan of cooking pasta or rice, or like to wash your ingredients thoroughly before cooking, then you should invest in a high quality colander or strainer. A strainer is ideal for draining larger foods and also tend to be easier to clean that your standard sieves. Have a look at our collection of top notch colanders from top quality brands on the page above.