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Bernd Schneider founded the brand Vacu Vin B.V. in 1986 together with his brother. The idea of the Vacuum Wine Saver came from drinking a glass of oxidised wine that had lost its full flavour. Together with his brother, who worked as a technician, he developed a concept for storing unopened bottles of wine for a long time. A challenge he successfully overcame, as there are now 30 million households in more than 75 countries using the Vacuum Wine Saver. Vacu Vin offers wine related products in an innovative way for domestic and professional use, so that customers are helped in day to day circumstances. View the assortment below to see what this brand can offer you.

Vacuvin Wine Saver

The Vacuvin brand started with the idea of helping to preserve wines in their optimal state, retaining their full scent and flavour. The founders of the Vacuvin brand succeeded in this by creating a product that has since become famous worldwide: the VacuVin Wine Saver. This ingenious device will help you to preserve your favourite bottles of wine, so that you can simply have a single glass without having to worry about the rest of the wine oxidising and losing it's full flavour. Alongside this product, Vacuvin also offers a wide range of helpful accessories, such as wine coolers, corkscrews, and much more, to elevate your wine and dining experiences from the comfort of your own home.