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Palette Knife

A palette knife is also often referred to as a spatula knife or glazing knife and is characterised by the smooth surface and rounded point. A palette knife can take on several different functions in the kitchen, but is mainly used for distributing toppings and fillings while baking and making cakes. In addition, a palette knife can also be very effectively used while making pancakes. The long, flat handle makes it very easy to get under the pancake and flip it over. Whether you're a star baker or just starting out, a palette knife is an essential tool to have while cooking and baking.

Palette Knives

Palette knives can take on various functions in the kitchen. For example, these knives can be used to scoop up food or to spread certain foods or toppings. We here at Cookwarestore only offer knives of the best quality, so you can be sure that you will enjoy any palette knife you purchase from us for years to come. Have a look at our range of palette knives on the page above and click on the images to find out more.