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Kitchen Timer

A very handy tool to have at your disposal, whether cooking a full roast dinner or making a beautiful cake for dessert, is a timer. Kitchen timers, also known as cooking timers or egg timers, are ideal while cooking. With these handy timers, you can measure how long to cook an egg, as this product was originally designed for, but you can also use it to time when your ingredients have rested, how long your cake has been in the oven, or simply when you need to check on your delicious dish. Egg timers are therefore very versatile products and are the ideal baking companion to help prevent any burning! We have accumulated a selection of timers from top bakeware and cookware brands that are easy to use and that are very high quality.

Cooking Timer

With these cooking timers, you can easily keep an eye on the time and ensure that your dish cannot burn. In our assortment we have, among other things, egg timers from top quality brands that are easy to use and will last a long time. Make sure that you never burn a meal or a tray of cupcakes again and invest in a high quality egg timer from our assortment here at Cookwarestore.