All DDDDD Products

The Dutch brand DDDDD has been a specialist in kitchen textiles with a high moisture-absorbing capacity for more than 60 years. The tea towels, kitchen towels, and dishcloths of this brand not only come in handy, but they also look fantastic. A DDDDD product will certainly become a real asset to your kitchen!

DDDDD Tea Towels

Are you looking for tea towels with a nice print? Or perhaps something more subtle? Then you are at the right place! DDDDD literally stands for: 'De Doek Die Direct Dries' in Dutch, meaning 'the towel that dries instantly, which is something you can expect fromt his top notch brand, as well as a high absorbency level.

DDDDD Kitchen Towels

DDDDD kitchen towels are thicker than their tea towels and are made 100% from soft but sturdy cotton. In addition, these towels have wide, open fibers, so moisture is optimally absorbed. DDDDD kitchen towels are available in a wide variety of colours and prints, so there is a suitable pair for every kitchen.

DDDDD Combi Sets

The DDDDD textiles are also available in combi sets. This ensures that the tea towels and kitchen towels are coordinated in terms of design. Ideal to give as a gift, but also just as nice for your own kitchen. DDDDD combi sets vary in colours and patterns and are available in different styles.

DDDDD Dishcloths

DDDDD dishcloths have a ribbed pattern, which means they absorb even more moisture than a normal dishcloth. These cloths are ideal for cleaning your tables or counter-tops, but can of course also be used for other purposes. DDDDD dishcloths also feature cheerful colours for a fun, playful look.

DDDDD Tablecloths

For a beautifully set table, matching table linens are of course a must. That is why DDDDD has designed a beautiful collection of tablecloths, table runners and placemats that will instantly make your table look elegant. DDDDD table linens are made using high-quality cotton and are available in various designs.