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Kitchen Knives

No matter what kind of dish you're preparing, having the right knife for the job can make all the difference. Each ingredient needs a specific type of knife, which is why we have included a wide range of top quality kitchen knives in our assortment. On the page below you will find kitchen knives for meat, fish, vegetables, bread and much more. You will even find incredibly specialised items, such as santoku knives, oyster knives, palet knives, cheese knives, and everything in between. Creating restaurant quality meals in your home starts with the right tools, so browse our kitchen knife range on the page below to get you started.

Cooking Knives

Having the right knives in your kitchen can really help making food prep as easy and simple as possible. By making sure that you have the right knives for the different kind of preparation you will be doing, you can create top quality meals in no time. In our assortment, you'll not only find individual knives, but also kitchen knife sets and kitchen knife blocks, so you can get all the knives you need in one go!

Knife Set

Here at Cookwarestore, you will find a wide range of individual knives, but you will also find a great selection of knife sets. A knife set is deal because it means that you can purchase all the knives you could need in one go. The sets in our range are made up of different types of knives, so you are sure to find the perfect set to suit your needs. Knife sets are not only convenient, but also ensure that all your knives have the same aesthetic, ensuring a professional look in your kitchen.

Knife Block

When you have your collection of knives assembled, you need a good way to store them. Putting knives into a cutlery drawer can often cause the blades to become blunt much more quickly, and can also damage the knives if they get scratched. The perfect solution to this is a knife block. Knife blocks offer a safe and convenient way of storing your knives, and also keeps them always within reach. Some of the knife blocks in our assortment are even provided with a full set of knives!

Knife Sharpener

Once you have used your favourite knives a few times, you might notice that they become less sharp over time. This can easily be remedied. By purchasing a knife sharpener, whether it's a slot sharpener, sharpening steel, or even a whetstone, you can ensure that your knives remain in better condition for a long time. Having a sharp knife not only makes your work quicker and easier, it is also more safe. Have a look at our knife sharpener collection to keep your favourite knives in top condition.

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