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Milk Frothers

With a milk frother, you can create delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato in no time. It is a small tool that you can use to froth hot milk. This milk can then be added to all kinds of coffee to create barista-level coffee from the comfort of your own home. The electric beater ensures that air bubbles are beaten into the milk, causing it to foam and froth. Another method of frothing milk is to blow steam into it. Some coffee machines are equipped with a special steam wand for this, but if your coffee maker does not have this, a separate milk frother is the ideal solution. For an optimal froth result, it is best to use whole milk.


If you want to create the perfect coffees at home, then what you need is a milk frother. A milk frother will help to transform a simple cup of coffee into a creation that a barista would be proud of. The milk frothers in our assortment tend to be operated by batteries for ease of use. Create the tastiest lattes or cappuccinos from the comfort of your own home using a top quality milk frother from our collection here at Cookwarestore. Find your favourite on the page above!