All Bunzlau Castle Products

Bunzlau Castle encourages everyone to create a warm home, which naturally begins in the kitchen. The brand offers the perfect kitchen essentials, with which you can decorate your home in a cosy way. Bunzlau Castle products are decorated with beautiful designs in warm blue tones that are easy to mix and match. A must-have for your kitchen and dining room! To find out more about this brand, read our Bunzlau Castle information page.

Bunzlau Castle Textiles

From soft tea towels in warm shades of blue to potholders adorned with farm animals: the collection of kitchen textiles from Bunzlau Castle is extremely diverse. The kitchen textile designs are tailored to the rest of the collection so that you can endlessly combine them to your heart's content. Bunzlau Castle kitchen linens are made using exclusively the very best materials, so you can enjoy using them for years.

Bunzlau Castle Mugs

The collection of mugs from Bunzlau Castle is extremely popular. The mugs are available in a variety of models and prints so that a mug can be found for every interior style. From tulip-shaped mugs to straight designs and from warm blues to Mediterranean designs: Bunzlau Castle has it all. The mugs are very nice to mix and match with the rest of the collection, but will certainly not look out of place with other crockery either.

Bunzlau Castle Plates

Plates made with first-class ceramics and a drably quality, which at the same time also have a beautiful blue print: Bunzlau Castle certainly does not disappoint! Bunzlau Castle plates are available in different sizes so that you can find a suitable plate for every occasion. Because the designs are coordinated with each other, you can also easily mix and match endlessly with the rest of your tableware and crockery. What more could you want?!

Bunzlau Castle Dishes

Bunzlau Castle's collection of dishes includes practical oven dishes that are very nicely placed on the table, and handy, cheerful serving dishes and platters that are perfect for serving dips, sauces, and snacks. The dishes are made of sturdy materials so that they can take a beating and are therefore a valuable addition to the rest of your crockery. Bunzlau Castle dishes are not only lovely to have yourself, but also just as nice to give as a gift!

Bunzlau Castle Bowls

Whether you use the Bunzlau Castle bowls as a serving aid at a party or you put them on the table during breakfast, the bowls always come in handy. Bunzlau Castle bowls are all decorated with a cheerful design in warm blues and will therefore not be out of place on any dining table. Moreover, products from Bunzlau Castle are created in a way that is fair to its workers and that also ensures a durable quality, so you can enjoy these bowls for years.