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Salad Servers

Here at Cookwarestore, we offer all the cutlery you could need to serve and eat your favourite meals, including a range of salad cutlery. Salad servers are perfect for mixing and serving all your salads. Salad cutlery almost always consists of a salad fork and a large spoon. In our range, you will find salad sercers made of different materials, such as metal salad servers, wooden salad servers, and more, and in various colours and designs. As a result, there is always a set of salad servers that fits perfectly with the style you are looking for. Take a look at our range and choose your favourite set below!

Salad Spoons

Salad servers are perfect for serving and mixing your lettuce because of the handy combination of a salad fork and a large spoon. The salad fork is perfect for gripping salad leaves and the large spoon is for holding the salad or serving dressing. It is therefore recommended to keep the salad fork at the top and the large spoon at the bottom when serving. In our range here at Cookwarestore, you will find salad cutlery in different styles and made of beautiful materials, including wood and steel.