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Wine Stopper

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it can only retain its quality, flavour, and aroma for a limited amount of time. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys the occasional glass of wine and someone who doesn't want to waste the rest of the wine in the bottle, then we have the solution for you! On the page below you will find a wide range of wine stoppers as well as a range of wine savers, which are pumps that can be used to remove oxygen from the bottle before placing a stopper on top. These bottle stoppers and wine pumps will help you to preserve your wine for as long as possible, so as much taste and quality is retained. This means that you can enjoy your favourite bottles of wine for much longer, without having to compromise on flavour and aroma.

Bottle Stopper

A bottle stopper is the perfect solution for those who greatly enjoy a glass of wine, but will not finish the bottle. If a bottle of wine is kept open for too long, it will lose its flavour and quality. To prevent this, we recommend investing in a great wine bottle stopper, which will help to keep oxygen out so that the flavour remains unaffected for much longer. View the full bottle stopper range here at Cookwarestore on the page above.

Wine Saver

To go with your new wine stopper, another ingenious accessory to have is a wine saver, or wine pump. A wine saver can be used to remove oxygen from a bottle of opened wine, as this is what can affect the taste of your wine. Once you have removed the air from the bottle with your wine pump, you can simply place the stopper on top and store the bottle away. A wine saver in combination with a wine stopper will therefore ensure that you can enjoy your favourite bottles of wine for much longer. A must-have for all wine lovers!