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One way to make delicious coffee at home for you and your guests is to use a cafetiére. Cafetiéres are a quick and simple way to brew a tasty cup of coffee, Simply throw in some ground coffee, boil some water, pour it in, press down, and presto - delicious coffee! The cafetiéres in our selection come from top quality brands in the tea and coffee market, such as Bialetti, Stelton, BergHOFF and Blomus. These cafetiéres are made from high quality materials and have beautiful designs, ensuring that each and every model would make a valuable asset to your kitchen or dining table.

French Press

Using a French press cafetiére to make coffee for you and your guests, whether to wake up in the morning, after dinner, or while catching up with friends, will ensure a cosy atmosphere and, most importantly, delicious coffee! We offer both cafetiéres with a classic French press design as well as filter cafetiéres, both of which are easy to use and ensure a great end result.