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BK is a Dutch brand that was founded back in 1851 and has developed into one of the biggest names in the kitchen and cookware market, and for good reason. BK pots, pans, and cookware is made carefully with attention to detail in mind, so you can rest assured that every pot, pan, knife or utensil will help you to effortlessly create delicious meals for you and your friends and family in no time.

BK Pans

Cooking pans, wok pans, soup pans, pressure cookers, frying pans, casseroles, skillets, saucepans, and even pan sets. We here at Cookwarestore offer a large assortment of different BK pans. The Conical from BK is the most popular pan series from BK, and all BK pans are known for their high quality combined with a pleasant user experience. A BK pan guarantees years of cooking enjoyment.

BK Casseroles

The Dutch brand BK has a number of beautiful casserole pans, or Dutch Ovens, in its collection. BK casseroles are extremely suitable for roasting meat, poultry or game. In addition, these pans are also excellent for making a delicious stew. BK casserole pans come in various sizes and colours and are made exclusively from high quality cast iron or stainless steel, ensuring a very durable pan.

BK Frying Pans

With a frying pan from the BK cookware brand, you can make the tastiest of dishes in no time. BK pans are known all around the world for their high quality. Choosing BK therefore means choosing durability, user-friendliness, and the ability to create delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home. Browse our extensive BK frying pan collection to find your new favourite pan!

BK Cutlery

Alongside their impressive range of cookware, BK is also well known for producing a stunning range of cutlery. Once you've prepared your delicious meal, a great cutlery set will help you and your guests to enjoy the meal even more. BK cutlery is available per piece, but can also be found in beautiful matching sets. Choose from our BK cutlery range to set your dining table.

BK Accessories

It's important when cooking that you have all the right tools at your disposal. As well as a good set of pots and pans, it's also vital that you have a good set of utensils and accessories, such as chopping boards, knives, kitchen textiles, spatulas, and more. View our range of BK accessories on this page to complement your beautiful new BK cookware!