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Knife Block

Knife blocks are an indispensable item in any modern kitchen. A knife set can be stored in a neat and efficient block and will always be within reach while cooking. In addition to the ease of use, a knife block also offers the advantage that it exudes class and brings a professional kitchen feel to your own home. In our assortment, we offer knife blocks from top quality brands such as WMF, Fissler, BergHOFF, and Wesco, which are very high quality and last a long time. If desired, you can also choose to purchase a complete set, including a knife block and different kitchen knives.

Knife Block Set

Knife blocks come in many shapes and sizes and add a luxurious look to your kitchen. The knife blocks in our assortment are available with slots for your knives or are filled with bristles in which you can insert your knife. There are also magnetic knife blocks to which you can easily hang all your knives. By using a knife block you will never have to fumble about in your kitchen drawer looking for the right knife again! In the wide range of knife holders here at Cookwarestore, you are sure to find the perfect product for you.