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On this page, you can find our full range of kettles, and in particular our whistling kettles. As the name suggests, these kettles work with a steam whistle so that you always know when the water is boiling. One of the best-selling products is the authentic Le Creuset kettle. Whether for making a cup of tea or a warm cup of coffee, a great kettle is a must. Browse our collection of kettles on the page below to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Stove Top Kettle

A stove top kettle, also called a whistling kettle, is the perfect tool for boiling water. The moment the water reaches its boiling point and starts to evaporate, steam is released, which escapes from the kettle through the whistle. The whistle signal indicates that the water is boiling, so you can start making your cup of tea or coffee. For an authentic, stylish stove top kettle, you'll find no better selection than here at Cookwarestore.