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VT Wonen Serveware

The beautiful serving dishes and planks from the VT Wonen brand are perfect for serving all your snacks and dishes. The serving plates have a warm and homely appearance due to the acacia wood, which fits perfectly with a festive atmosphere. There are also models available in ceramic. In addition, the dishes and serving planks can also be used as decoration. This makes these products multi-functional and they are therefore the perfect addition to any interior.

VT Wonen Serving Dish

With the VT Wonen trays and serving dishes, you are assured that you can serve your favourite snacks and dishes in style. The acacia wood gives the trays a warm and cosy look, so they fit perfectly into any interior. You can use the trays for serving snacks or dishes, but you can also use them as decoration due to the stylish designs. VT Wonen trays are available in different sizes, styles, and shapes, so you can always find a VT Wonen serving dish that suits your preferences.