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For the wine connoisseurs, we here at Cookwarestore have dedicated a whole section of our assortment to wineware and wine accessories. Wine is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal, so we have included a wide range of accessories and handy items in our collection that will help you elevate your dinner parties to a new level of sophistication. Browse our range of wine decanters, wine savers, wine coolers, bottle openers, and much more on the page below to ensure that you can open, serve, and store your wine in the best way possible. View the complete Cookwarestore wine collection below.

Wine Accessories

Whether you want to serve the perfect wine to accompany the delicious meal you have prepared or whether you simply want to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, then having the right tools to hand is essential. Here at Cookwarestore, we have a wide range of wineware and accessories on offer that will ensure that you can make the most of every glass of wine. View the full range above to find the perfect wine accessories for you.


If you're looking for a stylish way to serve wine for guests or at dinner, then a decanter is what you need. A decanter is a special carafe that is used to bring out the full aromas and flavours of a wine. This aerating process ensures that every glass of wine is as delicious and tasteful as possible. For older wines, a decanter is ideal for separating lees, ensuring the best experience.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an absolute must-have for wine fans and is a tool that shouldn't be missing from any kitchen. In our selection of bottle openers you will find models from top quality brands, such as Le Creuset, Peugeot, Vacuvin, and many more. These brands have developed bottle openers and corkscrews of top quality, ensuring a long lifespan and lots of handy features.

Wine Rack

If you tend to buy wine in bulk, or simply like to have plenty at home when you have guests, then you need a way to store your wine. The perfect solution for this is, of course, a wine rack. A wine rack ensures that you can store multiple bottles of wine at once. The wine racks in our collection are strong, stable, and have beautiful designs, ensuring a very stylish look in your kitchen.

Wine Cooler

For champagne lovers and drinkers of white wine and rosé, it is of course important that your beverage is kept at the perfect temperature. This is why we have included a great selection of wine coolers in our wine range. These wine chillers actively cool down your wine, ensuring that the last glass you pour will be just as delicious and crisp as the first. View the full range here!

All this and more from Cookwarestore. View the complete wine collection: