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The Dutch brand Bredemeijer was founded in 1914 in the old center of Hilversum. Here, the company started as a metal goods factory for household products. Over time, however, Bredemeijer began to shift its focus to teapots due to the increasing demand. Bredemeier is known today for its double-walled teapots, which ensure that your tea stays warm for a long time. These pots are made of different materials, so that the perfect teapot for your kitchen will always be found in the Bredemeier range. The collection has since expanded to include all kinds of handy tea accessories, so take a look below to see what Bredemeijer has to offer you.

Bredemeijer Teapot

Bredemeijer teapots are made from different types of materials. For example, there are Bredemeijer teapots that are made of stainless steel, cast iron, earthenware, and heat-resistant glass. Due to the different materials, the Bredemeijer teapots each have a different design and appearance, so that a perfect Bredemeijer teapot can be found for every style of kitchen. The double wall that is present in the teapots provides great insulation, so your tea will remain warm for an extra long time. Treat yourself to a top quality teapot from Bredemeijer!