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Lyngby is a Danish designer brand that offers stunning glassware. The brand has been on the glassware market since 1936, offering beautiful wine glasses, beer glasses, whiskey tumblers, carafes, and more. Lyngby glasses are created with beautiful designs that are elegant and timeless, ensuring a very stylish appearance in your liquor cabinet, on your dining table, or even in an office. Entertain guests with only the best glasses from the collection of the top quality brand Lyngby.

Lyngby Denmark

Lyngby was founded as Lyngby Porcelæn, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory, in 1936 and remained so until 1969, when the brand's factory was closed down. Despite its closure, its designs made a significant mark on the design history of Denmark, with many of its designs and ideas continuing to be very relevant on the Danish design market for years. Lyngby re-started in 2012 and once again offers top quality products, including an impressive range of glassware, as one of Denmark's most innovative design companies for home and kitchen items.