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You will find functional kitchen items that still have a beautiful design in our collection from AdHoc. This beautiful design brand makes handy kitchen items such as tea strainers, spice mills, and salt and pepper shakers. You can recognise AdHoc products by the sleek, minimalist design. AdHoc products are ideal for all people who love to cook. The designs of AdHoc are accompanied by a lot of care, so AdHoc guarantees you the best quality for your kitchen. Thanks to the simplistic design, the Ad Hoc kitchen items fit into any kitchen style.

AdHoc Salt and Pepper Mills

Salt and pepper from a mill is always slightly better than pre-ground pepper and salt. The AdHoc mills are highly recommended. The AdHoc salt and pepper mills are made with great care and are manufactured from the very best materials. They are therefore of very high quality. The mills are also equipped with a ceramic grinder. This is odour and taste free, so you can really enjoy the freshly ground salt and pepper. Ceramics are also sustainable, so you can enjoy the grinders of AdHoc spice mills for a long time.