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Leather Apron

Authentic, handmade, and perfect for barbecuing: a leather apron. During the preparation of food on the barbecue, some splashes can come off the food. By wearing an apron made of leather, you don't have to throw your clothes directly in the wash after a good barbecue or grilling session. We here at Cookwarestore have put together a beautiful selection of leather aprons for you below. All these aprons are of excellent quality materials, fire resistant, and washable. In addition, these leather aprons have a cool appearance, ensuring that you will look like a pro from behind your barbecue!

BBQ Apron

The BBQ aprons we have on offer are made of high-quality materials and radiate real craftsmanship. The aprons are made by hand, so they are not only of excellent quality, but also have a durable character. The natural materials ensure that the aprons only become more beautiful and personal over the years. In addition, the BBQ aprons are adjustable in size, so that they fit like a glove. A cool apron is an ideal and indispensable item for a summer barbecue!