All Bitz Products

Bitz is a beautiful Scandinavian brand that was founded by the Danish food specialist Christian Bitz. Bitz tableware is inspired by nature, which is clearly reflected in the earthy colours and raw designs. The products from Bitz give your dining table a pure, natural look and they will not look out of place in any interior. Bitz offers a wide range of products, so you can rely on them for items such as plates, bowls, cutlery, coffee cups, mugs, and various other beautiful accessories. Everything you need for a wonderful evening of dining in a special atmosphere.

Bitz Crockery

Bitz based the development process of their tableware on the experience and knowledge that founder and nutritionist Christian Bitz has gained through his work. The idea was to create dinnerware that makes it easier to be healthy in daily life. Bitz has certainly succeeded in this and the result is beautiful, natural crockery that gives an attractive look to your kitchen and dining room. The brand has released plates, bowls, and other dishes in various colours and models, which means that there is the perfect Bitz crockery set for every interior.

Bitz Cutlery

Thanks to Bitz cutlery, you can create a party on the table in an instant. Whether you opt for the classic silver cutlery, knives and forks in sturdy black steel, or whether you prefer a refined golden touch, Bitz cutlery always makes for a real eye-catcher in the dining room. For example, combine the Bitz cutlery with the plates and dishes of the brand and you are 100% assured of a beautiful appearance on your dining table. Bitz cutlery is made of satin-finished steel and is available in individual pieces as well as complete sets.

Bitz Mugs

The unique earthenware coffee cups and mugs from Bitz will remind you of the joy of a colourful life at every meal. The coffee cups have black or grey designs on the outside with a colourfully-glazed coating on the inside. This special combination creates a playful yet stylish effect. Choose from different coffee cups, espresso cups, or thermal mugs and make that first delicious cup of coffee of the day feel extra special.

Bitz Plates

Your meal has never looked as delicious as when it is on a Bitz plate. Bitz designs beautiful tableware that is an absolute feast for the eyes. The plates from Bitz are available in various sizes and colours, which are very nice to combine with each other, so you can mix and match to your heart's content to put together the perfect tableware set. From dinner plates to tapas plates and from pasta plates to breakfast plates; you will find it all at Bitz.

Bitz Bowls

Are you looking for a special serving bowl with which you can enchant your guests? Then you have come to the right place thanks to Bitz. Bitz has released a dazzling collection of bowls and serving dishes that are perfect for serving snacks, salads, or tapas. Just like the rest of the collection, the bowls from Bitz have the characteristic design with a glazed coating in earthy tones. Everything for a beautiful look on your table.