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A Coravin system is a wonderful gift for any wine lover. Coravin is a company that is changing the way wine is served, sold, and designed. For example, they have different systems to open your wine in other ways, without having to take out the cork. Thanks to this system, you do not have to drink the bottle quickly because you can now store the wine for longer, while still preserving the delicious tastes and aroma. This makes it possible to taste and discover different wines and to keep them in top quality for longer. Find out more about these Coravin wine systems here!

Coravin Wine

Changing the way wine is bought, served, and drunk: that is the purpose of the Coravin brand. Coravin has designed various systems and accessories to achieve this aim. For example, Coravin has launched a wine opener with which the cork can remain in the bottle, but you can still enjoy a delicious glass of wine. Thanks to this opener you do not have to drink the bottle right away, but the wine remains tasty for a longer time because the cork is still in it.