All Emile Henry Products

Emile Henry was founded in 1850 by Jacques Henry and has its roots in France. Since its formation up to today, the brand is known for its high quality products for the kitchen. Emile Henry has a wide range of pots and pans, but also offers beautiful oven dishes. Each product from this French brand is seen as a unique product. In addition, a large part of the collection is made by hand and provided with the initials of the employee who produced the product. The pans and dishes from Emile Henry last for years due to the top quality of the materials used.

Emile Henry Tagine

In addition to oven dishes and baking dishes, the Emile Henry range also includes beautiful tagines. A tagine is a stew made from earthenware that originates from Northern Africa. A tagine has a unique design that allows you to prepare delicious exotic stews or other tasty recipes that require a slow simmer. The special conical lid ensures that the moisture flows back into the dish and thus keeps your dish juicy and tasty. Emile Henry tagines come in a variety of sizes and colours, so there is the ideal tagine for every chef.

Emile Henry Oven Dish

Elegant shapes, sleek curves, and striking colour tones: the oven dishes by Emile Henry are a must in every kitchen. Emile Henry oven dishes are, just like the other items in the collection, made of high-quality ceramics that can be used in the oven, on the hob, and in the microwave. Thanks to the even heat distribution, the oven dishes allow you to simmer your food nicely, making the dishes perfect for the preparation of dishes such as gratins or roasts. The stylish, classic design also ensures that you can present your dishes beautifully.

Emile Henry Baking Dish

The pleasure of preparing and baking your own bread, cakes, or pies has never been more popular. Whether you do it every day or only occasionally on the weekends, baking your own treats is extremely satisfying. Emile Henry baking dishes have been known for their high quality and technical features since 1850 and therefore offer the perfect help. Thanks to the functional designs, Emile Henry baking dishes ensure that the right humidity is maintained, so that you can put the most delicious cakes, pies, and artisan breads on the table in an instant.

Emile Henry Pots & Pans

The pots and pans from Emile Henry offer excellent performance on both induction hobs as well as other heat sources.They are also suitable for use in the oven and microwave. Emile Henry pans are designed using the very latest technologies and offer more benefits than you would expect from ceramics. For example, the ceramic ensures an even heat distribution so that you can enhance the flavours of your food and let your dishes simmer deliciously. The beautiful curves in combination with the beautiful, black colour tones are beautiful to look at.

Emile Henry Bowl

Colourful, stylish, and wear-resistant: the range of bowls and dishes from Emile Henry is perfect for everyday use. The bowls by Emile Henry can be recognised by the round shapes and classic colours and can be used for serving a variety of dishes. Thanks to the high-quality ceramic, the bowls are resistant to wear and tear, as well as sudden temperature differences. Whether you want to serve your salad in a stylish bowl or use the bowls for tapas dishes during drinks with friends or family, the Emile Henry bowls are a real eye-catcher for your table.