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The German brand Spiegelau has been a popular glassware brands that has been known for generations for its sturdy yet elegant glasses. The brand has a history in which quality is of paramount importance. By combining superior craftsmanship and the latest techniques, Spiegelau has been able to continue bringing out beautiful collections of glasses to the market for years. For glasses and glassware of the highest quality, view our Spiegelau collection below.

Spiegelau Glasses

Spiegelau glasses are extremely transparent and clear thanks to the perfect mix of materials. In addition to being so clear, Spiegelau glasses are also extremely strong. To ensure this, Spiegelau uses the special Platinum Glass process, in which all unevenness is removed from the glass. This means that they not only last for years, but are also more than suitable for the dishwasher. Thanks to the ideal combination of elegance and durability, Spiegelau glasses have become very popular all over Europe.