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With 200 years of experience, Denby makes the most beautiful crockery. With these bowls and plates you can surprise your family on special occasions, or just during a simple delicious dinner. The crockery is handmade and also hand decorated in the pottery workshop in Derbyshire in the heart of England. The tableware is of high quality, mix and match different Derby plates, bowls and cups together for a beautiful overall picture. They all radiate luxury and are therefore a real addition to the laid table.

Denby Crockery

With crockery from Denby, your laid table will look radiant. In the morning at breakfast or in the evening during dinner you can enjoy delicious food in luxurious crockery. Mix and match different plates and mugs together and serve sauces and salads in beautifully decorated bowls. Everything is handmade with 200 years of craftsmanship experience in a pottery workshop in Derbyshire, England.