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If you want to serve dishes straight from the pan to the plate on your dining table, then it's important to make sure that you have a great set of trivets or coasters for the hot pans. This will protect your table from any markings or burns from hot pots and pans. Just because a trivet is a practical item, this does not mean that it cannot contribute to the beautiful appearance of your table. This is why all of the trivets in our collection have been created with stylish designs that will enhance the style of your dining table and that will make a great addition instead of being an eyesore. View the full range of pan trivets and coasters on the page below.


Within our trivet and coaster collection, you will not only find trivets for pots and pans, but also a selection of coasters that are perfect for placing under water glasses or wine glasses, for example. A great set of coasters will not only create a stylish appearance on your dining table, but will also help to protect the table from water rings or any red wine stains, for example. To see what we here at Cookwarestore can offer you, take a look at the coasters and trivets on the page above.