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Kitchen Towel

We here at Cookwarestore offer a very wide range of textiles and different types of towels for your kitchen. For example, you will find an extensive range of tea towels here at Cookwarestore for drying off your washing up, but alongside this collection you will also find our range of kitchen towels. Kitchen towels tend to be a little bigger or thicker than tea towels and have been designed for you to dry your hands on. This means that you can dry your hands off hygienically and carry on cooking! Take a look at the range of kitchen towels on the page below to find your favourites.

Kitchen Hand Towel

Once you've done your washing up, it's time to wash your hands. The last thing you want to do is go to dry your hands on a soaking wet tea towel that has just been used to dry off all your dishes. That is why you should also invest in a great set of kitchen hand towels. These kitchen towels are designed so that you always have a spare towel to hand that you can use for your hands. Stay clean and dry while cooking with one of the top quality kitchen towels from our assortment here at Cookwarestore.