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The name Bamix comes from the French "battre et mixer", which means to whisk and mix. This was invented by the Swiss developer Roger Perrinjaquet, who invented the very first hand mixer in 1950 and applied for a patent for it. In 1954 Mr. Perrinjaquet granted the patent rights to ESGE, which went on to develop the first wall mixers. The company grew exponentially and now the Bamix hand mixers are an essential item in kitchens worldwide. The Bamix hand mixers are of very high quality and deliver top performance. View all different models below.

Bamix Stick Blender

The bamix stick blenders are made with great care in Switzerland. They are particularly economical and quiet, yet powerful. After more than 60 years, bamix is ​​still a very reliable partner that you can count on for years to come. The motor comes with a lifetime warranty.