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Everdure's mission? Creating the perfect modern BBQ. With the use of latest technology and great design, we can say that that mission has certainly been accomplished. With an eye for detail, Everdure creates the best BBQs. These BBQs are available here at Cookwarestore in different variants. In addition, they are made of the very best materials, so they last for years!

Everdure Cube

There is an Everdure barbecue for every situation. These barbecues are designed with the very latest technology and an eye for detail. Whether you want to barbecue with gas or charcoal, Everdure barbecues have it all. The Everdure Cube barbecue is particularly popular, due to it's compact size, so you can barbecue wherever you go. With barbecues made of high-quality material you can use them for years, so you can enjoy them optimally for years to come.