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Dutchdeluxes is a Dutch brand that creates special kitchen accessories. The brand knows how to make something ordinary, like an oven glove or an apron, into something special by giving these products a completely new look. Dutchdeluxes products are of high quality, handmade, and will last for years. The perfect combination of quality and design!

Dutchdeluxes Bread Boards

A bread board from Dutchdeluxes is not only a practical item that you use for cutting bread, it is also a wonderful accessory for your kitchen. Dutchdeluxes bread boards have beautiful designs, making them a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. Ideal for an evening of dining with friends, but also just as nice for a cheese board with family.

Dutchdeluxes Food Stands

Dutchdeluxes has launched an extensive collection of food stands and serving plates in various colours and sizes. The serving plates are ideal for serving small dishes, snacks, but can also be used just as well as a cheese board or to serve cake. Whatever you use it for, it will certainly complete the look of your kitchen or dining room.

Dutchdeluxes Aprons

A beautiful kitchen apron is an indispensable item in your kitchen. A kitchen apron not only protects you against painful fat or oil splashes, but also ensures that your clothes are not covered with fat or unwanted food residues. The Dutchdeluxes aprons have a special design due to the use of raw materials and are also made in beautiful colours.

Dutchdeluxes Oven Gloves

The Dutchdeluxes oven gloves have a unique design. The oven mitts are made of durable materials such as leather and will last for years. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the oven gloves protect your hands in an optimal way. So you never have to be afraid of burning your hands again with the oven gloves from Dutchdeluxes.

Dutchdeluxes Brand

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