All WMF Products

In 1853, the WMF brand was created, and it has since then become a leader in the kitchenware market. Having collected decades of expertise, you can rest assured of the exceptionally high quality of WMF products. Quality, style, and functionality are central in WMF's production process and is clear to see in every product. Peruse our WMF collection and complete your cookware.

WMF Pots & Pans

WMF's most popular product group is undeniably their high-quality pots and pans, and their pans in particular. WMF's priority is not only that each pan is completely functional, but also that they are stylish additions to your cookware. WMF makes all manner of pans, such as frying pans, pressure cookers, woks, saucepans, and more, all of which can be found in our WMF collection.

WMF Cutlery

As well as their extensive range of pans, you will also find top-notch cutlery sets in our WMF assortment. WMF cutlery has become popular worldwide for its unrivalled quality, beautiful designs, and high level of comfort. WMF cutlery comes in sets of different sizes and in all manner of beautiful designs, each ensuring an elegant and stylish look on your dining table.

WMF Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are an invaluable tool to have at your disposal, particularly if it is a WMF pressure cooker. These pans are specially designed to help making cooking quicker and easier, as well as preserving more nutritional value in your food. Win win! WMF pressure cookers help to decrease cooking times by up to 70%, idea if you have a busy schedule.

WMF Utensils

Everyone knows that to create high quality meals, you need high quality tools. That's why WMF have produced a wide range of outstanding utensils. Whether you're looking for a spatula, whisk, garlic press, serving spoon, or any other tool, you'll find it here. WMF utensils are designed to help make trickier tasks a piece of cake, and will also make stylish additions to your kitchen.

WMF Knives

WMF stands for functionality, quality, and design, which is clearly reflected in their knife range. WMF knives are made to be comfortable and easy to use, as well as razor sharp. Knives from this made make short work of all your chopping and cutting tasks! Whether you're after a meat knife, vegetable knife, peeling knife, knife set, santoku knife, or any other type, you'll find it right here.