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De Witte Lietaer

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De Witte Lietaer was founded in Belgium in 1898 and over the years has developed into a very large and successful company that produces the best linens and textiles for your home, including a great range of kitchen linens. De Witte Lietaer is best known for its very luxurious designs. This, together with the high quality of the products, has ensured that, for example, many top hotels use De Witte Lietaer's products.

De Witte Lietaer Textiles

Above you will find an extensive collection of household linens for your kitchen from the quality brand De Witte Lietaer. We offer a great selection of items from this brand here at Cookwarestore. There are kitchen towels and tea towels from De Witte Lietaer in all kinds of colours and designs, ensuring that there is the perfect set of towels for you, no matter what kitchen style you have in your home.