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Bitz is a brand founded by Christian Bitz, who comes from Denmark. Mr. Bitz is a health scientist and he created his brand with the goal of helping to enable a healthier lifestyle, which definitely starts in the kitchen. The Bitz collection contains all manner of high quality products for your kitchen and dining table. You will find everything from beautiful cutlery to serving platters, and from water carafes to wine and beer glasses, all of which have been carefully designed and have beautiful, unique styles. Create a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen with Bitz tableware and accessories.

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Bitz is a brand with Scandinavian roots, which is clear to see in every product. Not only is each and every item from Bitz highly functional and durable, the brand creates their products almost entirely by hand. This not only helps to guarantee high quality with every bowl or plate, but also means that no two plates are identical. For special, unique kitchenware, you can't go wrong with Bitz.