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Bitz Plate

Within their tableware collection, Bitz has developed and created a beautiful collection of dinner plates, deep plates, breakfast plates, dessert plates, and more. Bitz plates are made using high quality stoneware with a reactive glaze, which gives the plates a special unique appearance. This also ensures that no two plates are exactly identical, so your Bitz plates will be one of a kind. The beautiful elegance of each Bitz plate is a delight to behold and the whole range can easily be combined with the bowls, mugs, and glasses from the Bitz collection.

Bitz Plates

The Bitz plate collection is very extensive and therefore offers every type of plate you could possibly need. Whether you're looking for the perfect dinners plates or breakfast plates, or perhaps the perfect deep plates for serving pasta dishes, or even a flat plate for serving snacks or tapas, you can rely on Bitz. Bitz plates are available in different styles, sizes, and colours, so no matter the colour scheme you are creating, you will most certainly find the perfect plates to match in the Bitz plates collection.