Best Wok

Best wok

Why choose a wok?

A wok pan is used to prepare ingredients at high temperatures. Thanks to the round shape, all the moisture collects on the bottom and the non-liquid ingredients will scorch close to the side of the wok. This ensures optimal preservation of taste, texture, and nutrients. Moreover, the food is prepared super quickly in a wok and, often, you don't need another pan, so you only have one pan to wash up when you're done. Ideal for a quick, healthy meal with extra flavour!

Wok materials

Wok pans are available in various materials. However, the most commonly used materials for wok pans are cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium. Each material has its own unique properties, which is why we have briefly listed the advantages and disadvantages per type of material below.

Aluminium wok

Aluminium woks are not only super strong, but also offer excellent heat conduction. As a result, aluminium pans quickly reach the high temperature you need for cooking wok dishes. Aluminium is unfortunately not suitable for the dishwasher, but can be easily cleaned with a sponge, for example. Aluminium woks are lightweight and can be used on almost any heat source, with the exception of induction (unless otherwise specified in the item description).

Stainless steel wok

Steel woks are usually made of sheet steel or carbon steel. With stainless steel woks, you can either opt for a wok with an artificial non-stick coating, or you can choose a wok without a non-stick coating and apply it yourself. The disadvantage of a stainless steel wok is that it can be relatively heavy. This makes it more difficult to shake the pan. The advantage of this, however, is that it does not rust and you can simply place the wok pan in the dishwasher.

Cast iron wok

Cast iron woks are very popular because they can last almost a lifetime. Cast iron woks have a sturdy and at the same time solid quality and heat relatively quickly. Within our range of cast iron woks, you can choose a wok with an enamelled inner layer or a cast iron wok without a non-stick coating. You can best decide which option is better for you. In addition, keep in mind that cast iron requires slightly more maintenance than other materials.

Woks for different hobs

Gas wok

Looking for the best wok pan for gas hobs? Gas is still one of the most popular heat sources to use in cooking and this certainly also applies to Asian cuisine. With a gas heat source, you can easily adjust the temperature. Furthermore, almost all materials can be used on gas stoves. If you are looking for a pan that heats up well, we recommend opting for a cast iron wok. Are you looking for a more lightweight, movable model? Then we recommend an aluminium wok.

Electric wok

Looking for the best wok pan for electric hobs? With an electric hob, the chance that the hob will not get hot enough to wok is unfortunately quite high, so it is not possible to wok on this type of hob as quickly. Do you have an electric hob that gets hot enough? Then choose a wok with a flat bottom. The flat bottom is the only point where the pan makes contact with the heat source, so the bigger the better. Most wok pan materials are suitable for use on an electric hob.

Ceramic wok

Looking for the best wok pan for ceramic cooking? In principle, all materials woks can be used for ceramic cooking. However, it is important that you pay close attention to the shape of the wok pan. For ceramic hobs, there must be direct contact between the pan and the heat source, so choose a wok pan with a flat, thick base. The flatness of the bottom provides an extra large contact point with the heat source and the thickness ensures extra heating at the same time.

Induction wok

Looking for the best wok pan for induction? A wok for an induction hob should always be magnetic, so standard aluminium woks are usually off the table. For induction it is advisable to opt for a wok with a flat bottom so that you can place the pan firmly on the induction plate. Do you prefer to use a wok with a round / convex bottom? Then a wok ring can offer a solution. A wok ring does not distribute heat, but only provides a way to keep your wok stable on the hob.

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